An Introduction to Music Writing with Sam Pfeifle

This 10-week course led by Sam Pfeifle, an instructor with nearly 20 years of published album reviews and music features, will explore the basics of good music writing, introducing students to the ethics, terminology, organization fundamentals, and workflow that lead to successful pieces that are ready to publish and likely to be enjoyed by music fans and readers of all stripes. Along the way, students will pick up valuable writing skills they can apply to any kind of writing, mapped to Maine’s Learning Results, as well as published clips they can use to build a writing resume. Even better, for aspiring musicians, learning to write about music can often lead to a better understanding of their own playing ability and songwriting skills. 

Who is this course for: This course is geared for a high school-level of sophistication, but is open to all learners who are eager to improve their writing skills and understanding of music. There will be homework students should expect to both spend time listening to music at home and attend musical performances over the course of the 10 weeks. The course will engage with music of all kinds, from classical to jazz to rock to hip hop, some of which may contain mature language and themes.

When:3:30-4:30pm, Wednesdays, September 18-November 20
Where:Maine College of Art, 522 Congress St, Portland
Who:Sam Pfeifle, MAMM Instructor