BAND / ARTIST BIO: We are a Portland teenage rock band that plays both covers and originals. We have played at Porchfest (Portland and Rochester NH), Make Music Portland, Hella Good Tacos, Gorham School of Music fundraiser (which we hosted), and have opened for the Maine Marimba Ensemble.


Hayden Bachman, Drums, Lyman Moore Middle School

James Fletcher, Bass, Portland High School

Nathan Fletcher, Guitar/Vocals, Lyman Moore Middle School

Graham Ganter, Violin, Portland High School

Molly Snow, Vocals, Portland High School

DEMO SONG #1: Love Is A Ride

Written By: Nathan Fletcher

Verse 1-
I saw your face when I left the town
I remember that your eyes are brown
Then I realized what had happened.
I remember you, do you remember me 
When we were younger we made a key 
Now I lost it and we're locked away.

I don't know
What went wrong
When you sang
You sang my song
Years went by 
I just want to cry
But if this moment ever comes again
Please don't let it die
But I know----
Love is a ride.

Verse 2-
You stepped off the bus, and then you reappeared 
Took a blink of the eye, and now you disappeared 
Now my life is rearranging.
I'm on my own, and I'm all alone
What you call hell is is what I call home
Now my heart's just been dethroned 

Solo 4x
Oh oh oh oh oh oh 4x

DEMO SONG #2: World Falls Down

Written By: Nathan Fletcher

Verse 1- 
I don't know where I am going
But I know that it's far away
I won't be back for tomorrow
Cause I'm leaving today.
No one ever told me 
that we would all disappear
But right now I'm just living
Without shedding no tear.

But I know some day 
that we'll be lost forever 
I'll be holding your hand
Telling you at least we'll be together
I'll be kissing your lips
Until the final eclipse 
But when the world falls down I'll be there

Verse 2-
Told you I'd never leave you 
But that was in the past
Never said that I loved you
But now I'm here for you at last.
Now I just sit here with questions 
What will happen to me?
I know we'll all be gone soon
Wasn't the man the I wanted to be.

Solo 4x
Chorus, with two additional(But when the world falls down I'll be there).