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Heather Markham


Pianist and singer/songwriter obsessed with the art of words. Joining the MAMM Slam in-it-to-win-it, with an album's worth of lyric-heavy original songs and zero stage fright.


Scarborough High School





DEMO SONG #1: Fall from Heaven

Written By: Heather Markham

: You make me feel so much more than holy when you look into my eyes
I'd rather end my life in fire than a stratosphere of ice
Hellfire can't hurt worse than heartbreak, feel it piercing through my veins
When I've bled all that I can bleed, the only thing that's left is pain

Even when the atmosphere begins to burn my wings,
I'd still rather hear you breathe than angels sing

I'd fall from heaven just to be in hell with you
Sinners into martyrs, we'll corrupt your daughters
You take my breath away more than the altitude
Angels into slayers, damn all of your prayers
We're never gonna make it out of this alive
God, my hands are cold, all your saints are gold
Loving you was just a pretty suicide

All your words keep ringing through my mind after the air has silenced them
Like church bells calling me to worship you 'till I'm reborn again
I never cared much for religion 'till I found my God in you
Now I'll be her disciple faithfully until the war is through

Even when the atmosphere begins to burn my lungs
I'd still sell my soul to taste you on my tongue


Angels can be heard on high
Singing broken lullabies
If I die before I wake
I pray my love my soul to take
As the dusk turns into night
Raindrops fall as angels cry
Falling, but I'm not afraid
Loving you was no mistake


DEMO SONG #2: Daydreams

Written By: Heather Markham

: You've made me nocturnal
There's no dawn where there's no you
This damage is internal
Don't know what I'm gonna do

Singing broken melodies
Far too tired to sleep
Weaving them with memories
That I need to keep

Tears turn into morning's dew
The only thing I mourned was you

They ask me why I'm awake all night, I say
Some things they just can't be believed in the day
You left, but I'm doing alright
The sun set a year ago, so I have my daydreams at night
At night, at night,
So I have my daydreams at night
At night, at night

Leave my window open
Because moonlight doesn't burn
And maybe 'cause I'm hoping
That somehow, you'll still return

When everything turns into ice
And thorns can't save the rose
I let tears fall and burn my eyes
To try and keep me warm

Oh, but I'm still getting cold
All the fireflies have froze


So I have my daydreams at night
Only in the darkness can you see the stars
Only in the daylight does it fall apart
Only when it's silent can I hear my heart breaking
Only when you hurt me do I feel alive
Cutting me deeper, you're making me cry
When I look up, I see you in the sky's constellations

And I try to be patient, but we're running out of time
Live how you wanna, no one makes it out alive
And you know I never wanna say goodbye
And so I'll do anything, except for sleep, at night


So I have my daydreams at night