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- Nick Kendall to Visit MAMMOTH Strings Camp -

The Maine Academy of Modern Music is proud to announce a new collaboration with the Portland Music Chamber Festival.  This summer PCMF will be sending violinist Nick Kendall to work with MAMM students attending the MAMMOTH Strings Summer Camp.

"The Portland Chamber Music Festival is super psyched that Nick (co-founder of both the East Coast Chamber Orchestra and genre-bending string trio Time for Three) will extend his upcoming Artist Residency with PCMF to be a special guest at MAMM's summer MAMMOTH Strings Camp" says PCMF executive director Alice Kornhauser.  "With his 'insatiable appetite for a diversity of expression,' Nick is a great ambassador for the joy and connection that comes with people making music together, and for introducing students to creative concepts like group improvisation and extended string instrument techniques."


Nick Kendall to Appear at MAMMOTH STRINGS Summer Camp

Learn more about Nick here.

From Bach to Beck, originals to covers, the MAMMOTH Strings Camp will allow string students ages 11+ up the chance to experience the thrill of making music in a fun and supportive setting.  Students will work together under the guidance of MAMM instructor Andy Happel to learn arrangements of rock, pop, and R&B hits.

Where MAMM is already well known for its fun, electric guitar-driven rock programming, its MAMMOTH programs (which also include the MAMMOTH Brass Band and MAMMOTH Rock Chorus) allow the school to broaden its reach across genres and instrument families.

"Orchestra, brass, and choral students have the right to rock too" says MAMM executive director Jeff Shaw.  "We are thrilled to be collaborating with PCMF and excited that our MAMMOTH Strings students will have a chance to work with such a talented, creative force as Nick Kendall this summer."

The MAMMOTH Strings Camp meets M-F from 9am-3:30pm in Portland from August 5-9.  For more details or to register call (207) 899-3433 or visit www.maineacademyofmodernmusic.org/camps.


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Nick Kendall is one of our generation’s most persuasive champions of bringing new audiences to concert halls across America. Irreverent, funny, and relentless, Nick has become a force for bringing people together through music, on stage and off. His genre-bending trio, Time for Three, creates new communities of audiences who otherwise might not participate in the performing arts. Trained in the Suzuki method, which his grandfather, John Kendall, brought to America in the 1960s, Nick continues the teaching tradition.


The Portland Chamber Music Festival enhances the cultural life of Southern Maine by bringing nationally recognized artists of the highest caliber to Portland to present a wide range of classical and contemporary chamber music, including education and engagement programs for all ages. Under the Artistic Direction of Grammy-nominated violist Melissa Reardon, PCMF showcases the diversity and innovation of these acclaimed performers, and leverages their talent in service to our community.


The Maine Academy of Modern Music (MAMM) uses the power of music to inspire students, foster creative collaboration, and build community.  MAMM serves over 1,600 students across Maine annually with nearly 1,200 of these students accessing its programs at a free or reduced cost through the school's scholarship and outreach programs.


MAMMOTH Strings offers students a unique chamber music experience.  Under the guidance of local professional musicians and educators, students have a chance to collaborate with other like-minded musicians allowing for opportunities to play in the equivalent of a classical music "rock band".  The group often collaborates and performs with the MAMMOTH Brass Band and MAMMOTH Rock Chorus.

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The MAMMOTH Strings offers students a unique chamber music experience.  In duos, trios, or quartets young string players will have an opportunity to play in the equivalent of a classical music “rock band”.  Under the guidance of local professional musicians and educators, students will have a chance to collaborate with other like-minded young musicians, allowing for opportunities to build on individual skills while fostering a sense of responsibility to their peers.  From traditional to folk, pop to rock, students will be actively involved in setting the musical direction of their individual groups.

The MAMMOTH Strings program is led by local musician and educator Andy Happel.  The MAMMOTH Strings program will meet at MAMM on Thursdays from 5-6pm for students ages 11 and up. Tuition is $75 per month.

NEW: MAMM is offering the first month's tuition for FREE to students who are enrolling in a MAMMOTH Strings for the first time!