The MAMMOTH Strings offers students a unique chamber music experience.  In duos, trios, or quartets young string players will have an opportunity to play in the equivalent of a classical music “rock band”.  Under the guidance of local professional musicians and educators, students will have a chance to collaborate with other like-minded young musicians, allowing for opportunities to build on individual skills while fostering a sense of responsibility to their peers.  From traditional to folk, pop to rock, students will be actively involved in setting the musical direction of their individual groups.

The MAMMOTH Strings program is led by local musician and educator Andy Happel.  The MAMMOTH Strings program will meet at MAMM on Thursdays from 6-7pm for students ages 11 and up. Tuition is $75 per month.

NEW: MAMM is offering the first month's tuition for FREE to students who are enrolling in a MAMMOTH Strings for the first time!