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BAND / ARTIST BIO: All girl alternative rock band! We like pickles.


Corinne Bevans -Guitar/Piano, South Portland High School

Kira Salter-Gurau - Bass/Violin/Vocals, Maine Coast Waldorf

Pearl Sapirstein - Bass/Drums, Maine Coast Waldorf

Ella Sibole - Guitar/Vocals, South Portland High School

DEMO SONG #1: Warriors

Written By: Kira Salter-Gurau (Ness’ Vocalist)

: We see headlights 
Brighter than the cities
They’re coming 
They’re gone

We can feel it
in our bones now 
They can hear it
in our songs 

Warrior, warriors 
Sinking in our shoes 
Falling to our knees 
Warrior, warriors
Moving with the branches 
Sunlight through the trees 

I can’t be with
all this madness
Wish that we could
fix this mess

Take away all
That destroys us
Take away one
All none

(possible bridge:
I know that ur world is darker
I know that ur feeling blue
I know that ur life’s a little harder
Doesn’t mean I won’t be there for you

DEMO SONG #2: The Basement

Written By: Corrine Bevans (Ness’ Electric Guitarist)

: Verse 1 
Will you take me to a place I don’t know (Em)
Maybe it will calm my shaking, shaking nerves (Am) 
Take me to a place I’ve never been before (Em
Somewhere dark and cruel and cold (Am)

Chorus A C D C- A C D E
I hate this place 
The sun burns holes in my skin 
I hate this face 
I can’t feel my tongue behind my lips 

Verse 2 
Where has this mask on my face come from 
The sinking ship on the ocean, my soul 
I swim underneath the wreckage 
The water catches fire, don’t smile 


Bridge (Em x2 .Am G) Biuld on the E at the end 
It’s all a Dream
It’s not reality