NEW! The Maine Academy of Modern Music is excited to announce its new Pre-College Course tailored for the Southern Maine high schooler who is intending to pursue a Bachelor of Music degree as the next step in their educational career.

“The Maine Academy of Modern Music is offering a very important resource to its students with this course. Students who are planning to study music in college need to be prepared for not just the audition, but for entrance exams, sight-reading, sight-singing and other musicianship tests. It is never too early to begin work on these skills.”
— Alan Kaschub Director, USM School of Music


The Pre-College Course will not only prepare the student for the audition process, but also serve as an introduction into college level music theory, history, solfege (ear training) and other facets typical of college music programs. It is designed for the student looking to enter any of the primary focuses of a typical music program: jazz performance, classical performance, recording/ engineering, and music education. 

The course will be designed and directed by MAMM instructor Stuart Gurley (Master of Music, USM 2014), 9 year MAMM veteran and adjunct professor at Bates College. Beginning in September, MAMM's Pre-College Course will be held on Thursdays from 5:30-6:45 ON CAMPUS at the University of Southern Maine in Portland to ensure a true pre-college experience!  Furthermore, faculty from USM's music department will serve as special guest lecturers and sit in on mock auditions.  

Tuition for MAMM's Pre-College Course is $80 per month.  Please note that this course offering is presented by the Maine Academy of Modern Music and does NOT award college credit.



The first half of the 2017/18 school year will will be focused on audition preparation. Most auditions for music schools happen by mid winter, with often a second smaller round at the end of the academic year. To prepare for this we will help enrolled students understand what is required for their audition, help them in audition piece selection, preare for music theory/ ear training/ history entrance exams and even hold mock auditions to ensure the student’s total preparation.

The second half of the academic year will focus on general preparation and helping students continue to build the skills to thrive at their program of choice, and potentially, obtain enough information to be able to “CLEP,” or test, out of preliminary music courses.

Students will learn to sing as a class (something all music schools do), support each other on our different paths, meet others interested in similar paths, meet recent graduates of various music programs, meet professors from the USM School of Music, and gain confidence and skill to be able to maximize their college experience!


Do not wait to sign up! If you are looking for additional preparation, private instruction with Stuart Gurley can be secured to further your understanding of the myriad components of becoming a professional musician. Don’t hesitate, prepare yourself for success and we’ll see you in September!