BAND / ARTIST BIO: We are 3 happy go-lucky scrunchie wearing teens, who like goldfish and long walks on the beach. Please come see us perform. Love you<3 Thanks!


Maya Edgerley, Bass/Vocals/Drums, Scarborough High School

Phoebe Knoll, Piano, King Middle School

Sylvia Crawford, Guitar/Vocals/Drums, Cape Elizabeth High School

DEMO SONG #1: Sorry

Written By: Sylvia Crawford, Maya Edgerley, Phoebe knoll.

: Would you come meet me for brunch next Sunday at 11
I have some exciting news to share
I want you to know that I’m finally happy
And that this time around I’ll really care
I know that last time had you broken and battered
From promises I knew I couldn’t keep
And it know it isn’t much but I’ve figured out what really matters
And it’s you
Just call me back I know ur prolly asleep

Im sorry that’s (X2)
all I can say
I left you lonely
I didn’t wanna leave you that way

Hey it’s just me calling you back
I saw that my message wasn’t received
I thought that maybe you would show up anyway
I wanna say sorry again cuz I deceived
I’m beginning to think that we will never be ok
That I should give up and just leave you alone
Sorry for bothering you I won’t call u again
I’m deleting your number from my phone

I’m sorry
That’s all I can say
I won’t call you back
Tomorrow or today

DEMO SONG #2: I Got You

Written By: Sylvia Crawford, Maya Edgerley, Phoebe Knoll

: I like the sand beneath my toes
I like how i’m the one you chose
Crazy saturdays and lazy sundays 
Sunlight through a window pane

But when none of it matters
I got you
Yeah I know its true
I got you
I got you(oooo)
I got you 

I don’t like slowing down at traffic lights
I don’t like people when they aren't very nice to me
They think they’re so cool when they tellin me lies
But what they don't know is I won’t step aside

But when none of it matters 
I got you
Yeah I know it's true 
I got you
I got you 
I know it's true

Boy, I know that I got you
and boy, I know that it’s true
but boy do you know that you got me too
You make me feel brand new