the rumor

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BAND / ARTIST BIO: We are a pop/rock/indie girl band from Cape Elizabeth.



Sylvia Crawford, Sophomore, Cape Elizabeth High School, Guitar

Hannah Mosher, Freshman, Cape Elizabeth High School, Vocals, bass

Madison Thornton, Freshman, Cape Elizabeth High School, Drums

DEMO SONG #1: Fire Alarm

Written By: Sylvia, Hannah, Madison

: Sirens
Going off in my brain
wont go off till in safe
you might be insane
moving fast
running through the halls
than the moments past
burning my face
breathing quick
get to the door
give it a kick

Fire alarm, fire alarm, fire alarm X2

stuck in a room
flames all around
please let me be
leave me safe and sound
i see you in the smoke
laughing at me burn
i know what you hide 
why wont you ever learn
you think you have me trapped
you think im fenced in
but you dont know
the thickness of my skin

Fire alarm, fire alarm, fire alarm X2

ive escaped now
the fires been put out 
burns have healed
you scare me
take a bow
i hope you know
im coming for you

DEMO SONG #2: Porcelain

Written By: Sylvia, Hannah, Madison

: i met her in a nightmare in September,
i can still recall the dirty clothes she wore. 
She was drowning in the ocean where she saw me, 
i didn't know id have to save her anymore. 
she asked if id love her forever and ever, 
i said i loved her piercing green eyes. 
who have thought she'd run away and not look back, 
i watched her fade away and called goodbye. 

Dream, just a dream, just a dream, just a dream X2

i saw her again in a dream on Tuesday, 
wearing a mask over her porcelain white face. 
i knew it was meant to end right then and there, 
i could see right through the holes of the satin lace. 
she charged at me with every last bit of her might, 
i couldn't understand quite why. 
i knew she wouldn't save me like i did her, 
so i gave up and gave into the light.

Dream, just a dream, just a dream, just a dream X2

she called my name but it was too late, 
i was too far away in my daze.
the world froze but she kept moving, 
i was trapped behind a sealed wooden gate. 
i knocked and banged to get back inside,
to stare into those hypnotizing emerald eyes. 
I needed to see what else they with held, 
so much pain, so much sorrow, so many lies.

it took me a month to realize it was a dream, 
that these figments to my mind were real. 
my lungs were filling up with salty water, 
i realized this was the way you made me feel.