without logic


BAND / ARTIST BIO: Without Logic is a group of Portland kids who like to play music. We have been a band with our current members for 3 years. We write and play rock music. Our band has four members, Elsie (bass) Jack (drums) Greta (guitar) Brayden (guitar). We all do vocals (except for Elsie because she's an alpha)!

Without Logic

Jack Fink, 8th grade, King Middle School, Drums, vocals

Greta Holmes, 8th grade, King Middle School, Guitar, vocals

Elspeth Howland, Freshman, Casco Bay High School, Bass

Brayden Shaw, 8th grade, King Middle School, Guitar, Vocals

DEMO SONG #1: Ratification

Written By: Without Logic members

O this world it's so mistaken you don't know how it goes---- do ya?

Why can't they see eye-to-eye?

why would they just rather lie?

Vague vein veil Valentine//Ratification 99

Aberration Nation //standalone vacation

Metropolis is coming you better beware

Doorknob to the entrance of my hidden lair

DEMO SONG #2: The Goods

Written By: Without Logic members

Ropes hold us down
Petals collide with concrete cells
The green one yells
What do u think what do u think 
what do I think
Thoughts hurt my brain, a thousand trees away to die
A thousand trees, a thousand trees 
away to cry
Dove forgotten which way to fly
Then there's a crash
I have forgotten how to fly
I know the path
going down town
Strawberry sounds I wan(t to) be found
I call their line, 
but they're gone for good It smells like
pine in these woods
Hell ring the bell an angel fell 
don't kiss and tell
Fallen from heightsThe bread excites 
Its way too bright
Warmest bread eat the goods
Is he dead in the woods